Bhakti Revival is a student organization that facilitates the practice of yoga and meditation, as well as discussion of sacred books of knowledge. Our aim is to encourage students to critically analyze their personal conceptions of “self” and “other” through the ancient Indian practice of Bhakti-yoga. Often it is misunderstanding or miscommunication of these concepts that serves as a catalyst for internal and external disharmony. True heroism is to courageously acknowledge one’s baser tendencies, which are born from crippling misconceptions, and to strive to conquer over them. Bhakti-Revival hopes to create an association of inspired individuals who desire unparalleled peace and happiness for themselves and others.

Our model is vasudhaiva-kutumbakam:

“Narrow-minded persons calculate in terms of ‘this is mine, that is another’s,’ but those of noble character see everyone in the world as their kin, dear, or as one’s family (vasudhaiva-kutumbakam).”

Our regular meetings consist of:

  1. Japa-mantra-meditation
  2. Kirtana-yoga
  3. Delicious vegetarian/vegan dinner

Periodically (TBA) there will be presentations on the science of yoga as delineated in world-renowned sacred Vedic texts like the Bhagavad-Gita and other books of knowledge.


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